Would you go on a British Airways slow 'air cruise'?

Flights could slow down for scenic landscapes
Flights could slow down for scenic landscapes Credit: british airways

Slow, drawn-out “air cruises”, 3D-printed plane food and drinking water drawn from the clouds at 35,000 feet are among the predictions made by British Airways in a new report into the flights of the future.

Speaking at the launch of the project, which also takes the form of an exhibition at London’s Saatchi Gallery, BA chief executive Alex Cruz said the airline has always been an innovator and will continue to do so.

“It is not hard to see how these seemingly unreal predictions will come true,” he said.

The UK flag carrier surveyed 13,000 consumers across 10 countries and spoke to aviation experts and futurologists for its BA 2119 report, which considered the possibilities of air travel 20, 40,...

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