The joy and benefits of a 15-minute morning walk

Comedian Arabella Weir taking a morning stroll in the sunshine
Walk this way: Arabella Weir enjoys stretching her legs in the sunshine

Comedian Arabella Weir is embarking on a 12-week challenge to revolutionise her mornings. On week six, she takes a 15-minute walk every morning

Right, we’re six weeks into the “new-me” challenges. (Yes, obviously I know there’s no “we” really, it just feels a bit more purposeful to delude myself that I’m part of a bigger, more impactful mission.) And no sniggering, please, I am well aware it might take a wee bit more than six weeks to fashion an entirely new me but, for now, let’s just chug along with the decidedly manageable mantra “one day at a time”.

So, today I decide to go for a quick 15-minute walk before starting my day. Well, not exactly “before” starting the day because ordinarily I don’t start the day wearing walking boots. I start it in my nightie – if by “start” one means standing up. But, for the benefit of all humanity, I elect to take the walk fully dressed. (Personally, I didn’t understand that whole fuss of parents dropping off kids at school in their nightwear, but, you know, everyone’s a snap-sharer these days, so I suppose you can’t be too careful.)

I’m so much better equipped for the skirmish by the lung-clearing walk

The whole endeavour is made much more easy by the sunshine – it is beaming down, not a cloud in the sky, making everything, even a jaunt before I’ve eaten, much more doable and pleasant. And because this saunter is to take place “before” the day officially starts, then as far as I’m concerned that means I can throw on any old thing, plus venture out make-up free.

I do realise I am at liberty to go make-up-free whenever I like – it’s just that I tend to consider putting on my face, as my mother used to say, as part of preparing for the day, sort of like putting on armour … assuming, that is, you regard your days as akin to going into battle, which depending on what you’re facing might well be the case. And trust me, if you share breakfast with monosyllabic relatives who deride every single thing you say and do (ie teenagers) then every day is a battle.

But I’m so much better equipped for the skirmish by the lung-clearing walk. It is great. The only real struggle is to keep it dead-on the ascribed 15 minutes. If the weather’s lovely there is every incentive to just keep going. Ah, but then there’s the considerable lure of my lovely glass of Tropicana to put into the mix…hmmm.